Monday, 16 June 2008

about time

you know the feeling: when the mascara is just starting to feeling powdering and it's time to get a new one or when you take you scissors are cut the collar of a blouse (jazzing it up with a new fresh unfishined Mao collar).

ah, relief. today is the day I (finally) removed my Easter decoration from 'the tree'.
Yes, the tree. I mean the dead branch we have in the living that's not growing in zinc planter and only 36kg of cement. the kind of things movers will descourage you moving overseas with unless you're ready to debate for a while...
and oh, you may be wondering, the fake radishes and leeks hold by the vintage clothepins and ribbons were meant to attrack Easter bunnies. very efficient.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Golden Bike May 2008

Another month over, due time to reveal our second Golden Bike:
Congratulations to the Black Cab Sessions!!!

Easy winner again. the concept, the cabbies, the site, the music. We love each one of them!!!!
Your turn to enjoy.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A little someting to cheer you up!

I couldn't agree more with Béa about the eurovsion song contest. We were robbed!
Russia?! An ice-skater?? Mind you, not just any ice-skater, the world champion! I really shouldn't know that but I like a bit of tack and it doesn't get any tackier than ice-skating.
In fact my love of the Eurovision is a direct consequence of my love of all things tacky. Oh, I had my hopes up this year. I was 100% behind Seb. I thought the song was fab and the golf cart was genius.But no, oh no, they gave it to the Russian thief! Even the British newspapers said ours was the best entry since Abba. Need I say more?

Monday, 2 June 2008


This morning post was originally supposed to be a simple peaceful 'have a great week everyone' post.

But, despite what Rere and I had agreed on before starting this blog, I HAVE to send a personal message:

You too, dirty little b------ who thought it'd be a brilliant idea to climb on my mom's balcony last week and rob her purse in her appartment have a GREAT week. enjoy this life, I mean it. really.
cause in your next one, I guarantee you'll be reincarnated in an unlucky roach wandering around on my kitchen floor.