Thursday, 29 May 2008

gone fishing

Well not really, was simply gone for a looong Memorial weekend...
'Fished' that coral knob at Anthropologie (I told you I'm obsessed with shells, corn etc)

Still, you only go away for four days and when you come back, the news strike you.
I mean, has anyone followed the Eurovision Song contest?
If not, watch the winner here first.

If you want to know what Eurovision is and how absolutely vital it is to mankind, leave a comment, Rere or I will be glad to enlighten you in that field...
I'm thinking it'd be wiser for me not to start on this unless specifically asked to cos I could very well post hundred times -at least- just on Eurovision....Even, I might do a PHD on it.

More seriously.
Chock. Total chock, I know.
Why on earth has no one told me Richard Clayderman is now doing iceskating?????

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Six pack

This is the reason I've been delaying posting pix lately. As if this could make up for it...
The long awaited baby has finally arrived....
Its name is Canon. middle name: Eos.

On the picture, my priceless napkin holder.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Stuff 'em!!!

I was kind of excited today because I had decided to buy my flight to London to attend my friend Popaul's wedding this summer (He doesn't like it when I call him that. Couldn't care less!!)
So I browsed all the websites and the cheapest option appeared to be a low cost airline whose name starts with 'ryan' and ends in 'air'. Well, that was until I had to tick the box to say I was taking a piece of luggage with me. How much do they charge? 3 euros? No! 13 euros? Noo!! 30 bloody euros!!!! What a complete rip off! So stuff them and their 30 euros to take a piece of luggage on the plane, I am going on the train.

Have a good week.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Can't stand birds

Here's the last little thing I've made. When I say 'made', I am using the word loosely. It hardly involved any making at all. All I did was gluing the different bits together.
I went to La Droguerie at the weekend and saw this little bird on the cover of their new book. The thing is, I don't even like birds. In fact I can't stand them but for some strange reason I liked the look of the brooch. Now let's hope I can bring myself to wear it!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

April 2008

(somewhere on skype, between Alsace and Texas)

-YEAAAAAAAHHHH we've got a winner....
-So do you mean we've got our first golden bike?
-mmm it looks like it.
-tadaaaa...what about Kiehl's and your creme with Silk and my Cryste Marine serum?
-still the best, but if we start awarding them, we'll have choose them every month hence a somewhat limited suspence...
-And Scarlet's Falling down? love her gorgeoux pix.
-she's get the next one.
-Didn't we say we'd give three each month? or one winner and two runners up?
-makes it less exclusive. hands down this time.
-yep. right. has to be the ONE thing we cannot live without anymore.
alright then. go ahead, Rere, make it official:
-So, ladies and gentlemen, it is our utmost privilege to announce that our very first Golden bike,
the April 2008 Golden Bike from onyourbikesunshine goes to:

-(all) Thompson Family!

(clap clap clap)

it only takes seconds...

to fall in love.

Okay, this is where I begin to see eyes rolling. Here she goes AGAIN.
I know my very extraordinary life is only interesting to myself....

It all started few weeks again when I saw this Tracy Porter necklace which has kept wandering around in my mind ever since:

I love ivory, galucha, tortoise, shells, corn, leather, suede, gater skin and (dare I say it?) fur.... in bag, cutlery, boxes, frames, anywhere, anytime. but not any style.
Must be some cells in me that have quite figured yet what evolution is about and that I am a human being now. from the 21st century.

Anyway, it 's not that I particularly adore this necklace but it contains two elements you see a lot these days and I've kept playing with mentally: chain+tortoise.
All it took to overdose my eyes and brain was a visit yesterday at Anthropology and this morning to Forever XXI (btw, yes I know, I am not 21 anymore...). Dessert for the eyes. I could have bought the whole store with my eyes closed. Or rather, I closed my eyes, hope I would re-open them and thanks to some magical intervention, I would have bought the whole store and delivery guys would be busy unloading everything in the middle of my livingroom....without any success...

Few hours later, back home few necklaces were completed.

Two XXL trim (quee de rat in French)+remix of several beads from different places + my last BIIEC* crush (the small chinese lantern beads which I admit buying in red, beige, pink, and brown. these shades only because there were any other....):

I know the link between this and Tracy Porter's may seem far fetched, but having not found any tortoise/corn ring, the ribbon option it was. glued on a transparent plastic ring that held ages ago a scarf and its tag...
Added to a simple silver(ish) necklace:

Also added to a simple (Guess outlet) metallic necklace:

Totally different style. Not very original for this one and I feel a bit like wearing my whole cluttered workshop around my neck but to be honest I don't really care....
And before you comment on that Rere; NO, in reality, the fluffy off-white&black fabric in the middle does NOT look like a dirty mop. It's just the picture.

So to make a long story short: it only takes seconds to make a necklace. especially the XXL ones.

See y'all later,

*BIIEC= buy it in every color

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Strawberries and Teapot

My oh my! Béa introduced me to this blog a couple of days ago. I wasn't quite sure to start with, the whole family thing put me off a little bit (sorry), but as I trust Béa's judgement I gave it a go anyway. Well, how amazing. Everything about this blog is lovely. I like it all. My favourite's got to be the Bell Jars. What is there not to like I ask you? Toadstools and fawns, all at once. Fab. The other thing I really like are the pictures and of course the use of colours. So cheers, Béa.

Mind you, I say 'Cheers' but I now do feel rather embarassed to show my crappy little things. Oh well, nevermind. The strawberries are another Béa inspired project (courtesy of Martha S.). They have a broach pin at the back but I'll probably use them on a bag and the little teapot thingy is just hanging from the kitchen door. I also made a bunch of oatmeal and raisins buiscuits. They look pretty ugly, so not worth a picture, but taste yummy!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

May 1st

Couldn't resist sharing these delicious ballerinas from Plümo...
Perfect to hang out on this bank least for the lucky ones....don't you agree Réré?