Thursday, 8 May 2008

it only takes seconds...

to fall in love.

Okay, this is where I begin to see eyes rolling. Here she goes AGAIN.
I know my very extraordinary life is only interesting to myself....

It all started few weeks again when I saw this Tracy Porter necklace which has kept wandering around in my mind ever since:

I love ivory, galucha, tortoise, shells, corn, leather, suede, gater skin and (dare I say it?) fur.... in bag, cutlery, boxes, frames, anywhere, anytime. but not any style.
Must be some cells in me that have quite figured yet what evolution is about and that I am a human being now. from the 21st century.

Anyway, it 's not that I particularly adore this necklace but it contains two elements you see a lot these days and I've kept playing with mentally: chain+tortoise.
All it took to overdose my eyes and brain was a visit yesterday at Anthropology and this morning to Forever XXI (btw, yes I know, I am not 21 anymore...). Dessert for the eyes. I could have bought the whole store with my eyes closed. Or rather, I closed my eyes, hope I would re-open them and thanks to some magical intervention, I would have bought the whole store and delivery guys would be busy unloading everything in the middle of my livingroom....without any success...

Few hours later, back home few necklaces were completed.

Two XXL trim (quee de rat in French)+remix of several beads from different places + my last BIIEC* crush (the small chinese lantern beads which I admit buying in red, beige, pink, and brown. these shades only because there were any other....):

I know the link between this and Tracy Porter's may seem far fetched, but having not found any tortoise/corn ring, the ribbon option it was. glued on a transparent plastic ring that held ages ago a scarf and its tag...
Added to a simple silver(ish) necklace:

Also added to a simple (Guess outlet) metallic necklace:

Totally different style. Not very original for this one and I feel a bit like wearing my whole cluttered workshop around my neck but to be honest I don't really care....
And before you comment on that Rere; NO, in reality, the fluffy off-white&black fabric in the middle does NOT look like a dirty mop. It's just the picture.

So to make a long story short: it only takes seconds to make a necklace. especially the XXL ones.

See y'all later,

*BIIEC= buy it in every color

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on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

Si tu me fais pas un collier avec les petites perles chinoises je suis plus ta copine!