Friday, 20 November 2009

A few weeks ago Béa challenged me to making a pair of earrings and I failed shamefully.
I was so impressed with Béa's creation that everything I tried afterwards seemed dull and boring. Her idea was simple and effective. Spot on.

So this is my attempt at simplicity. Yeah right, as if!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

one year already!

Some inspiration from last year*...while packing for few days out of town.

Pour les Frenchies qui ne peuvent participer au concours Michaels, pas d'excuses pour ce concours de déco de Noël...Marie Claire Maison!

*polka dot heart made by/gift from Réré

Sunday, 15 November 2009

dreams are for free...

Hey Réré, what's on your list to Santa is this year?

I reckon this is a cunning plan to get me to actually write a post.

What I want, what I really really want...

I read somewhere that Victoria Beckham owns 100 Hermes Birkin bags. 100!!!

Why can't I have one?

So Santa, if you read this, just remember I have been a very good girl...

(me too! me too!)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Shiner, TX

Feeling adventurous this year?
Try this :

Because it is too hard not to promote a good design (love the moss grey-green against the cherry red) and always makes you feel good to shop local....
The above link to the article on Shiner Cheer is from the Die Line that I have to mention.
Even if you don't fancy beer but often shop (especially wine in the US) just for the package, rush to their website.

Pour les amateurs de Krony (eh oui, ça date!) qui sont aux US....'flavored with peaches and roasted pecans'

Monday, 9 November 2009


Few days ago, at Anthropologie (yes, again), this amazing Can you imagine puzzle had already caught my attention.
Now this brilliant puzzle made from an Hiroshige reproduction really got me.
Love the picture and the adorable tiny geisha pieces.
But also that their puzzles are made in the US!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

fine with me!

(from Gloss, a supplement to the Houston Chronicle)

Hot Spice Cider and Glühwein....
bring them on.
(maybe not all at once, responsibly of course)

any recipe suggestions welcome!

[edit : just read on article that '
Star anise contains shikimic acid, the active ingredient in Tamiflu, one of only two antiviral drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating swine flu'.
If that doesn't read 'drink Glühwein'....]

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Handmade Holiday Contest

Yes, it is a little early to talk bulbs and garlands but come on, admit it : you are already started thinking about this year's theme, gifts, recipes or decor, too.
I have and am positive Réré has as well.
So, for those of you who are in the US and feel like sharing with everyone your jawdropping 'creation of the season', Martha Stewart and Michaels have handmade holiday ornaments contest.
Register here.
These little yarn wreathes are Tami B. of Marysville, Ohio's submission. my favorite so far, and my 5 snowmen vote.

There is still room for cute things (if you ask me).
By the way, do you remember Danielle Thompson garlands? That's how we got to know her and year after year, season after season, we still love them....
My epiphany happened yesterday (right after visiting Anthropologie) at the next door Goodwill. Can't say too much yet, but only show you the cute bulbs that were waiting for me...

Tis (almost) the season to be merry....
(why should I be the only one enjoying this song looping in my head?)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Before starting this blog, Réré and I agreed we were not to keen on in sharing things about our private lives.
But it is no news I change easily of opinion and HAVE to post here something which I would best describe as my out of this world experience of this afternoon.
And it is also no news I have got a thing for Anthropologie, and their stores decor.
And it is also no news (too) to anyone who has ever visited Houston, urban planning is not the city's forte.
So picture myself WALKING, yes, walking, not driving down the modern architectural streets of the new upper town and country area and entering the new Anthropologie store...
For a moment, I struggled to refrain from telling the employees they had to give me political asilum...but they would have most likely only got the 'asilum' part of the sentence....
I mean, apart from two blocks in midtown, in Houston, a street means a road, pedestrians are an optical illusion and cyclists an endangered species
...ah, nice buidings, with architectural tropical plants, shops and restaurants, people idly strolling in the sun....just add an Obama sticker somewhere, a gallery or two and you'd believe this is California...(keep dreaming girl)
Anyway, the store if filled with arsty displays (not even for sale, just for you to enjoy the experience) which are truly inspiring.
That is if you like girly shabby chic (ouch, I hate this fourre-tout term), bobo+fairytale+folkore crafty style.

And do believe I do NOT have any commercial agreement with the citycenterhouston developers nor Anthropologie, much to my regret.
It was worth giving a shout-out for once that something newly built meets my architechtural taste!!!

To make a long story short : I still consider asking Anthropologie for political asilum and am ready to hear any agreement from them :-)
I can be very easily bribed with clothes.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Dia de los Muertos

Could not let November 2 pass without mentioning the much celebrated around here Dia de los Muertos.
And the incredible crafts, altars and papel picados created for this occasion.

Two examples from etsy :

Lamps from Broken Brushes

Jewelry from Bionic Unicorn

Some might not be familiar with this and find it gaudy or macabre.
Not more than Halloween if you ask me...

(comment laisser passer l'occasion de parler du Jour des Morts. la tradition est bien vivante (elle) ici et pretexte a de superbes creations. kitsch? macabre? perso, j'adore le cote art populaire et ultracoloré. et le fait de dedramatiser la mort. voilou!)


Bon, here they are, les voila!
J'avais dit soyez indulgentes. c'est une première en matière de BO et ici, c'est Réré la diva de la FIMO....
Finalement, ce sera deux ptits zoiseaux et rien de l'autre, pas de branche, feuilles, strass ou nœud en velours - enfin pour l'instant. vieil or sur du doré classique.
...ouai, I know, ça fait très Noël ces couleurs...trop tôt le matin...)

Ah tout le monde n'a pas la chance d'habiter près d'un magasin la Droguerie. alors c'est avec les moyens du les minces compétences de Béa :-).
Mais bon, si vous omettez le pyjama de la photo, avec un pull col V plongeon noir et un jean, ça devrait le faire. Qu'en dites-vous?
SVP, copiez et améliorez, j'aimerai beaucoup voir.

Cheers les filles, je file admirer toutes vos créas!!!

[FIMO white, Flexa paint VT collection 'feest', hoops Nine West @ Ross]


Yeahhhh, today is the big reveal.
I signed up (yesterday) for this fun challenge from dukibrille : create earrings...the theme :'hoops, hoops hoops' let me start the day and i'll be back later today!

Bon, pour les frenchies, juste le temps que je me reveille (et oui, on vient juste de changer d'heure ce we ici donc a nouveau 7 heures de decallage) et j'arrive!

oh, and just a reminder for the english readers, BO stands for Boucle d'oreilles (earrings), not........