Thursday, 5 November 2009

Handmade Holiday Contest

Yes, it is a little early to talk bulbs and garlands but come on, admit it : you are already started thinking about this year's theme, gifts, recipes or decor, too.
I have and am positive Réré has as well.
So, for those of you who are in the US and feel like sharing with everyone your jawdropping 'creation of the season', Martha Stewart and Michaels have handmade holiday ornaments contest.
Register here.
These little yarn wreathes are Tami B. of Marysville, Ohio's submission. my favorite so far, and my 5 snowmen vote.

There is still room for cute things (if you ask me).
By the way, do you remember Danielle Thompson garlands? That's how we got to know her and year after year, season after season, we still love them....
My epiphany happened yesterday (right after visiting Anthropologie) at the next door Goodwill. Can't say too much yet, but only show you the cute bulbs that were waiting for me...

Tis (almost) the season to be merry....
(why should I be the only one enjoying this song looping in my head?)

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on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

You go girl! Funny though, j'ai acheté mes premières déco de Noel hier.