Thursday, 17 June 2010

birdies (again)

Yes, I've got a thing for little birds and yes, there is a little bird I know's birthday coming up soon....
It was all widely inspired by Tamar Morgendorff's adorable birdhouses.
And an easy job. Just little cutting required and tape glue.
I may try some more with paint (on the stand, edges etc...)

(unfinished wood birdhouse, Anna Griffin ed al. scrapbook paper, father bird; all from Michael's, paint swatches from Home Depot for the roof)

So so cute! (coming from someone who is afraid of birds!)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Summer rain

A little frame I have just made. I'm not totally satisfied with the photos (am still trying to fiure out how to use my new Lumix). And wish I had put the pink dot on the right bird side behind the gold, to underline the impression that the bird is turning golden by drinking from the golden puddle.
The Chinese cloud design was inspired by a ceiling painting I fell in love with when watching a while ago a Question Maison subject on the Chateau de Courances. (still on view if you search their website)
Anyway, it was a first and I wanted to share it at once.
Feedback appreciated, guys!

(Champagne bottle collar, scrapbook paper, Ribba frame from IKEA).

Beautiful. Love it!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Da, da

Had not seen the Babouchkas as bicycle seat yet ...
Luckily for us Basil has made one, find it on their site under 'fietsaccessoires'!!!! Sweet, isn't it?