Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy Birthday Reg!!!!

Yes, it is somebody's birthday today....
Sending you birthday wishes as lovely as you are!

On the subject : try this test on what the way you use your lipstick tells about you...very serious matter and highly scientific...perfect for a birthday!
Pliiiz take it Reg!

Monday, 18 October 2010


just discovered at Homegoods and also available from Christopher Radko's and Macy's websites.
love their somewhat dated colour combination and the reflectors (aren't you suddenly back to the seventies?)

with a little help from my Xyron

Okay the name sounds like a pseudo cool mini car.... and is less ear pleasing than its PC equivalent (the Silhouette) but my Xyron is a mighty tool. If you're a little computer savy that is... Here is what I've been starting working on lately. The end product should be a snail mail home made card. No risk of ruining the surprise though...except from Réré, my dear partner in crime, no one who will receive it knows about this blog! And I must say I quite like this undercover feel! Theme : the move, our next destination (the NL!!!!), a new home, a new address... Paper : Anna Griffin

(le déménagement approche! les recherches sur le thème 'nouveau chez soi/nouvelle adresse' ont débuté!!! Grâce à ma Xyron (l'équivalent de la Sihouette, plus connue) et quelques notions utiles d'Illustrator)

Friday, 15 October 2010

what do you call a small house?

A baby house -and it's a boy.... Also : finished repainting the chair...the exact robin egg colour I couldn't exactly find turned into a pale lilac....


... i.e. the word I remember from my last IKEA visit.
I'lll probably paint them and/or incorporate them to a Xmasy/foresty/wintery scene. (A good concept can always be adapted.)
Also liked the mini thick felt wreath and cones.

(Merci IKEA pour ces silhouettes qui ne demandent qu'à être peintes ou insérées dans une ambiance Noël/forêt/hiver.)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Monday, 11 October 2010

Corners of home (4)

Past weekend rhymed with heavy sawing. Reusing tree triming. Totally inspired from the bulbs Anthro used to carry.
I agree. Seriously copying....but the 2 bulbs only cost us a mere $8....
The leftover made cute votive holders (couldn't help grinning this morning when I got Marie-Claire Maison newsletter and saw these - and their price!!!!)

(du copitage en règle pour les ampoules qu'on avait vu chez Anthro -avec le pied carré- et une surprise marrante qd justement ce matin, Marie-Claire Maison me montre justement ces bougeoirs!!!)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Building, knitting...outsourcing

For being one limited in terms of practical skills, I tend to commission people (Réré can testify...she is currently busy with something for me...and probably also pinning I don't know what on a voodoo puppet with my hair...) to do, sew, knit, build things.
And this flexible side table from & Tradition that Emma showed on her blog is the next thing I have my eyes on.

(versatile, amusant, une jolie palette toutefois déclinable de différentes façons = j'aime beaucoup)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Directly from the Selby...

Pictures from Confetti system through the Selby : visit the Selby and the Confetti System websites!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Corners of Home (3)

A flea market children size breakfast chair waiting to be painted (color suggestions? I'm thinking robin's egg or mint green)
The white apple is my submission (ages ago) to a Bijenkorf (dutch Bloomingdale) contest.
Wicker wagon from Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos -for anybody in Texas.
Leather moose from Jackson Hole, WY. Long votive holder is an old sugar mold.

(des suggestions de couleur pour repeindre la chaise en bois? elle est pour l'instant dans les tons avoisinants mais j'aimerais bien quelque chose entre œuf de rouge gorge (sais pas le nom de cette teinte en français...honte sur moi) et vert menthe.
La pomme, c'est une participation à un concours du Printemps néerlandais, De Bijenkorf.
L'élan en cuir provient de Jackson Hole, Wyoming et le long porte bougie est un vieux moule à sucre)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Corners of home (2)

Above : Mexican bush sage, our gorgeous lavender Ersatz. Flowers are softer than velvet yet non fragrant...
Wooden Boxes from Xenos in the NL (years ago)
Below : a lovely stand at Warrenton Antiques weekend.

(encore un détail de mon home sweet home avec des fleurs de Mexican bush sage, ersatz de lavande locale sans parfum mais douce comme du velours. les décos de Noël : un détail des puces bisannuelles du Hill Country - pas que moi qui suis en avance!)

Friday, 1 October 2010

early fall

Finally, cooler days have arrived. upper twenties-lower thirties Celsius during day, a new autumn light and time to wear summer layers and more pastel versions of summer shades. Fuschias turn into equally joyful but slightly turned down pinks, flips flops give way to sandals and jeans (jeans!!! unthinkables just two weeks ago) To celebrate this, what a better example than my recent birthday gift (remember the Anthro mail?).... Love the feminine side from the gold and strass mixed with the vintage toy like pastels.
Bronze snake sandals from Target. Metrochic OPI for Sephora.

What is your Autumn like?

(Ah l'automne!!! ici, c'est encore chaud chaud chaud mais moins humide. La lumière étant moins aveuglante, on troque donc les couleurs éclatantes pour des tons aussi estivaux mais plus doux, cela aide à conserver une impression de teint bronzé..les tongs cèdent la place à des sandales et des jeans (des jeans!!!! impensables il y a seulement deux semaines!!!!) Un bon exemple mon cadeau d'anniv mélangeant féminité (brillants +doré) et des pastels qui me rappellent des jouets d'enfance....)