Monday, 18 October 2010

with a little help from my Xyron

Okay the name sounds like a pseudo cool mini car.... and is less ear pleasing than its PC equivalent (the Silhouette) but my Xyron is a mighty tool. If you're a little computer savy that is... Here is what I've been starting working on lately. The end product should be a snail mail home made card. No risk of ruining the surprise though...except from Réré, my dear partner in crime, no one who will receive it knows about this blog! And I must say I quite like this undercover feel! Theme : the move, our next destination (the NL!!!!), a new home, a new address... Paper : Anna Griffin

(le déménagement approche! les recherches sur le thème 'nouveau chez soi/nouvelle adresse' ont débuté!!! Grâce à ma Xyron (l'équivalent de la Sihouette, plus connue) et quelques notions utiles d'Illustrator)

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