Thursday, 24 December 2009

Step Four

Could have been the nativity, or the presents, and the ten million things still to do,
but it'll simply be wishing you all a good Christmas, even to those of you who do not celebrate it. Be merry.

Béa & Réré

Friday, 18 December 2009

Step T(h)ree

'Ambiencing' the house. Getting you in the mood. Decking the halls. Whatever you want to call it. Dressing up your house. Be bold, be bright, be generous, be merry.
Now, don't go putting the flashy reindeers and their far too bright red neck ribbons because I said so. Don't inflate those ugly and costly Santas. My point is (though I am not the best lesson giver) to stick to one material, one theme or one predominant colour.
In my case, you've seen on the Xmas tree : white, silver and pink. not very original, I agree, but I like it!

My first soft tree...and the whole story behind it (in case you have some time to kill) :
the first time I ever read a 'blog' was by accident.
While browsing the internet couple of years ago, I bumped into Two straight lines if I remember well. It was her version of the famous soft trees, following Stephanie's pattern from little birds's blog. Voilà, there I stept into the amazing and at times abyssal of craft blogs....
Few months later, a fabric store was closing (story far to common) not far from my place. I got several yards of beige felt and hadn't tried the soft tree pattern yet. Now it's done! Circle completed!

thanks you ladies (why not dreaming they'll read this one day)!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

From Russia with Love

You have seen them everywhere in stickers, plastic, felt, as keyholders, boxers, planters (I'm sure, okay, I'm guessing for the two latter) these past years, but if you have had enough of Matriochkas, here are few version you CAN'T miss.
  1. La poule's keyholders.
  2. Rosehip's lovely matriochkas. THE absolute cutest, hands down, according to me.
  3. ThePrintemps 'Slavonic Christmas' displays in their stores 18th/19th centuries handmade fabric dolls from Eastern Europe, fascinating.
  4. The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik where 2009 guest country is Russia
  5. One of my fave books as a child (and another one years later-you'll reconize...)
    Quatre Matriochkas Ed Rouge et Or Coll. Rouge et Bleue

Monday, 14 December 2009

Project no Pink

I can't take a picture to save my life but this is evidence.
No pink this year!! Quite an achievement for me.
This looks much better in real life if I may say so.
Roll on Xmas!!

Love the plaid stars. Step 2 complete on both side of the Atlantic...yeah!!!

Sunday, 13 December 2009


While Step 3 and 4 are still cooking, just a 'pop of sunshine' suggestion to brighten up our grey winter, courtesy of Victoria's Secret. Don't know about you, but I would put it on straight away.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

6 Décembre

.....Saint Nicolas!!!!
For those of you who are not familiar with him, Saint Nicolas rewards children with candies, clementines and sweets. It is still a vivid tradition in Alsace and the Eastern/Nothern Europe.
Bigger than Christmas for kids in the Netherlands, where he is said to come back from Spain early December with his Zwarte Piets helpers, it is Sinterklaas who brings gifts to children. (once heard from a kid on dutch tv, because gifts are cheaper in Spain...)
In Alsace, naughtly children get treated with a tour in Hans Trapp (scary guy)'s big hessian bag...
In Slovakia, naughty children on the other hand, find a full bag in the morning just like the nice ones only...loaded with coal....ohhhh, cold revenge...
Anyway, on that day in Alsace, you drink hot cocoa, eat lots of Wienacht bredele (Christmas cookies) and the one day special Mannala (lit. little men)...yummmy.
I got treated with Mannala specially baked by my significant other. oh yes, I've been a goood girl.

Each baker has his/her one recipe, from Kouglopf to challahbread, with chocolate chips or raisins, so I'm not putting any particular one here, browse the net.
The shape is really what makes it unique.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Step Two The Christmas Tree

You are all guessing from the font colour that the Step 1 was mine (Béa) and so is Step 2! hopefully we'll get to see Réré minimalist style in action...okay, maybe...alright, one day...fine. back to our subject.

Meet Mr 'I want to be a Christmas tree' fungus tree.

Yes, its real name is Mr. fungus tree only because this branch was cut off by one of our garden trees itself (whose name I don't know) for having fungus (typical behaviour of the species I was told). It is happily standing in 36kg of concrete all year long in our living room.
The picture does not render its beauty and the pride with which it shows its Texan identity. Yes, people outside of Texas decorate their Xmas tree with stars too.....maybe just somewhat smaller...and even I'm not sure.

Beautiful tree.
I'll try my best to show you mine.
The plan is a white and red colour scheme this year.
I have a sneaky feeling some pink will creep in. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Step One, The Advent wreath

Grödby candles on sale for 1.99$ at IKEA....
Metallic painted pebbles brought back form SoCal.
Various bulbs from past years among which the fake brushed metal one from OBI (French equiv. of Home Depot).
Cactus decal on the wall from Gali Art.

ps : pourquoi ça pixellise tellement ces photos?? si vous avez un tip, je suis preneuse...

PPS : another Advent wreath I simply adore.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Let them know it's Christmas time....

A little bit of recycling....while preparing the 09 trend.
from Bea's world famous 08 Xmas collection... in case you missed it. note : you = approx. the whole mankind minus a handful of persons who received a gift from me...

metallic flowers from punched champagne bottle collars. -easy peasy.