Friday, 18 December 2009

Step T(h)ree

'Ambiencing' the house. Getting you in the mood. Decking the halls. Whatever you want to call it. Dressing up your house. Be bold, be bright, be generous, be merry.
Now, don't go putting the flashy reindeers and their far too bright red neck ribbons because I said so. Don't inflate those ugly and costly Santas. My point is (though I am not the best lesson giver) to stick to one material, one theme or one predominant colour.
In my case, you've seen on the Xmas tree : white, silver and pink. not very original, I agree, but I like it!

My first soft tree...and the whole story behind it (in case you have some time to kill) :
the first time I ever read a 'blog' was by accident.
While browsing the internet couple of years ago, I bumped into Two straight lines if I remember well. It was her version of the famous soft trees, following Stephanie's pattern from little birds's blog. Voilà, there I stept into the amazing and at times abyssal of craft blogs....
Few months later, a fabric store was closing (story far to common) not far from my place. I got several yards of beige felt and hadn't tried the soft tree pattern yet. Now it's done! Circle completed!

thanks you ladies (why not dreaming they'll read this one day)!

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