Thursday, 17 December 2009

From Russia with Love

You have seen them everywhere in stickers, plastic, felt, as keyholders, boxers, planters (I'm sure, okay, I'm guessing for the two latter) these past years, but if you have had enough of Matriochkas, here are few version you CAN'T miss.
  1. La poule's keyholders.
  2. Rosehip's lovely matriochkas. THE absolute cutest, hands down, according to me.
  3. ThePrintemps 'Slavonic Christmas' displays in their stores 18th/19th centuries handmade fabric dolls from Eastern Europe, fascinating.
  4. The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik where 2009 guest country is Russia
  5. One of my fave books as a child (and another one years later-you'll reconize...)
    Quatre Matriochkas Ed Rouge et Or Coll. Rouge et Bleue

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