Sunday, 27 February 2011


...through cement tiles for the entry- and hallway in case we can't salvage the terrazzo that may still be hiding underneath the present dated and used tiles.

Autumn from De Tegel has got to be my favorite but would fit the 1930s style of the house: So we'll probaby go for something more geometrical (although Jugendstil) like these from Castelo:
The typical 30s style was more checker board pattern of 2 plain 10x10 tiles ranging from gray to brown-beige tones. But too much of a strecht from what we like...
I don't mind respecting some historical logic (that's why we wanted to go for tiles in the first place rather than the super sleek dark slate tiles you would see everywhere on this planet at the moment) but will not lay on the floor right before our eyes something I'd find depressing every day.

A fun thing to do on De Tegel website is to make your own colour combination on their patterns...
I promise you won't be able to resist them.

[EDIT] switching to something else : I won't post pix of the round paper fail according to me...

(big hésitation pour le couloir...le style de la maison est années 30...donc motif géométrique sans doute)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

lists and plans

Before spring arrives.

And the list goes:
Hebe and poppies
Purple Glode artichoke
Dalhias (to enjoy freshcut flowers in the summer, Star's favorite and Take Off)
Hellebores and white muscaris
Lilac and rosemary
Bearded Iris and mint
Lupins and columbines
Lavander and sweet peas
Buxus and hostas...


Yes : HA-HA very funny.

Look up their in the upper right corner.
See these typically dutch facades (Gevels in Dutch) turned into storage?
Don't them look similar to the ones Karwei was/is selling since last Fall???
Find them also via Meubel Track. It is showns in colours but was for sale in...white...what a surprise...

I know in creation, you're never very far from something someone else has already done. But at least have the humility to admit the idea isn't yours.
Here at onyourbikesunshine, we KNOW most of our ideas are inspired to say the least by things we've seen and liked. But come on, we have given up thinking we are the only one to like and create with moustache, angelwings, bowties, birdhouses, union jack etc.
Modesty never hurts. people.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Why with w big W

Réré = pink
Béa = teal

As confirmed by my performance at this quizz where you are asked to order the colour hues.
The one colour I seem not to be able to classify is the one I like most...

qed : "Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed." -Charles de Lint

Monday, 21 February 2011

Angels at my table

in case you haven't flipped through its e-pages and are into Union Jacks, rush to Adore online British edition.

after sunday comes, sunny day!

(Photo from Shop Terrain)

Sphere metal lanterns are everywhere right now in the NL.
While I must say I always tend not to like what's in...just because it's in...well,
Zenza makes some gorgeous ones.
Shop Terrain also has very nice ones.

Here is my attempt with the help of my Big Bite puncher at doing something quite less expensive but inspired by it with a €2.99 IKEA rice paper lantern...

We'll see how it turns out.
As you can see, this is only the trial stage (on postcard bags).
My first intention was to try eyelet patterns like here or here but they seem too girly to me. Hence a more 'organic', ethnic, whateveryoucallic pattern.

And since we're at it, meet my new HEMA polka dot iron board cover.

Would almost make me like ironing. 'Almost' says it all :-(

Thursday, 17 February 2011

...and after....and way before...

here is the after :
not totally finished but fully painted and already hosting one of the little wood furniture embellishment we found on the street the other day (along with the pair of garden director chairs -you can see one behind). yeeaaah, heavy recycling...

and 'way before' refers to the house warming decoration I'm already thinking about....
and if you knew me, you wouldn't say it is a bit premature. Slow cooker....
the plan is to cut 10cm/3in wide strips of crepe paper and hang them from the ceiling or around doors.
poor sketch but it roughly give the feel. The upper peach shade is less orangy than on the picture.
total cost, less then 7 euros!

(tout blanc finalement pour le (faux) tiroir d'imprimeur et déjà une bricole dedans...un ornement de meuble trouvé ds la rue...on est cheap ou on ne l'est en parlant de cheap : pour moins de € 7, voilà quelque peu en avance la déco de notre crémaillère...ouaip, à peine en avance...on a pas encore achetée la maison :-) mais bon, quelques jours de soleil d'affilée, même un passage au dessus des 10 degrés et on se croît en été - presque!)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

before and during

€1.50 at Kringloop Nederland (Goodwill/Emmauslike organisation)
So far so good. Even if it isn't at all what I was looking for there...
Then, in the middle of painting it all white...a doubt...
What about leaving some of the partitions without paint?
It would at this point only mean 'whitespiriting' the paint that dropped on it.


(je peins? je peins pas? Finalement, je me dis que laisser certaines cloisons couleur bois rendrait peut-être bien...à l'aide!!!)

I say paint. Defo!

You're right.
I'm afraid it's kinda late to clean it nicely enough (to my liking) anyway. Will save the idea for a next time then.
Side note : don't I always end up following your opinion ANYWAY????? :-)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Je rêve de...

Peterpan collars and ikat fabric everywhere...
White and lilac and glossy black...
Et toi?

I didn't know a 'col Claudine' was a Peterpan collar in English!

Me neither..until few years ago, I bumped into this photo (+tutorial) and fell in love...