Monday, 21 February 2011

after sunday comes, sunny day!

(Photo from Shop Terrain)

Sphere metal lanterns are everywhere right now in the NL.
While I must say I always tend not to like what's in...just because it's in...well,
Zenza makes some gorgeous ones.
Shop Terrain also has very nice ones.

Here is my attempt with the help of my Big Bite puncher at doing something quite less expensive but inspired by it with a €2.99 IKEA rice paper lantern...

We'll see how it turns out.
As you can see, this is only the trial stage (on postcard bags).
My first intention was to try eyelet patterns like here or here but they seem too girly to me. Hence a more 'organic', ethnic, whateveryoucallic pattern.

And since we're at it, meet my new HEMA polka dot iron board cover.

Would almost make me like ironing. 'Almost' says it all :-(

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