Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yes : HA-HA very funny.

Look up their in the upper right corner.
See these typically dutch facades (Gevels in Dutch) turned into storage?
Don't them look similar to the ones Karwei was/is selling since last Fall???
Find them also via Meubel Track. It is showns in colours but was for sale in...white...what a surprise...

I know in creation, you're never very far from something someone else has already done. But at least have the humility to admit the idea isn't yours.
Here at onyourbikesunshine, we KNOW most of our ideas are inspired to say the least by things we've seen and liked. But come on, we have given up thinking we are the only one to like and create with moustache, angelwings, bowties, birdhouses, union jack etc.
Modesty never hurts. people.

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