Thursday, 10 February 2011

before and during

€1.50 at Kringloop Nederland (Goodwill/Emmauslike organisation)
So far so good. Even if it isn't at all what I was looking for there...
Then, in the middle of painting it all white...a doubt...
What about leaving some of the partitions without paint?
It would at this point only mean 'whitespiriting' the paint that dropped on it.


(je peins? je peins pas? Finalement, je me dis que laisser certaines cloisons couleur bois rendrait peut-être bien...à l'aide!!!)

I say paint. Defo!

You're right.
I'm afraid it's kinda late to clean it nicely enough (to my liking) anyway. Will save the idea for a next time then.
Side note : don't I always end up following your opinion ANYWAY????? :-)

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