Sunday, 6 December 2009

6 Décembre

.....Saint Nicolas!!!!
For those of you who are not familiar with him, Saint Nicolas rewards children with candies, clementines and sweets. It is still a vivid tradition in Alsace and the Eastern/Nothern Europe.
Bigger than Christmas for kids in the Netherlands, where he is said to come back from Spain early December with his Zwarte Piets helpers, it is Sinterklaas who brings gifts to children. (once heard from a kid on dutch tv, because gifts are cheaper in Spain...)
In Alsace, naughtly children get treated with a tour in Hans Trapp (scary guy)'s big hessian bag...
In Slovakia, naughty children on the other hand, find a full bag in the morning just like the nice ones only...loaded with coal....ohhhh, cold revenge...
Anyway, on that day in Alsace, you drink hot cocoa, eat lots of Wienacht bredele (Christmas cookies) and the one day special Mannala (lit. little men)...yummmy.
I got treated with Mannala specially baked by my significant other. oh yes, I've been a goood girl.

Each baker has his/her one recipe, from Kouglopf to challahbread, with chocolate chips or raisins, so I'm not putting any particular one here, browse the net.
The shape is really what makes it unique.

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