Thursday, 3 December 2009

Step Two The Christmas Tree

You are all guessing from the font colour that the Step 1 was mine (Béa) and so is Step 2! hopefully we'll get to see Réré minimalist style in action...okay, maybe...alright, one day...fine. back to our subject.

Meet Mr 'I want to be a Christmas tree' fungus tree.

Yes, its real name is Mr. fungus tree only because this branch was cut off by one of our garden trees itself (whose name I don't know) for having fungus (typical behaviour of the species I was told). It is happily standing in 36kg of concrete all year long in our living room.
The picture does not render its beauty and the pride with which it shows its Texan identity. Yes, people outside of Texas decorate their Xmas tree with stars too.....maybe just somewhat smaller...and even I'm not sure.

Beautiful tree.
I'll try my best to show you mine.
The plan is a white and red colour scheme this year.
I have a sneaky feeling some pink will creep in. Watch this space.

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