Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Step One, The Advent wreath

Grödby candles on sale for 1.99$ at IKEA....
Metallic painted pebbles brought back form SoCal.
Various bulbs from past years among which the fake brushed metal one from OBI (French equiv. of Home Depot).
Cactus decal on the wall from Gali Art.

ps : pourquoi ça pixellise tellement ces photos?? si vous avez un tip, je suis preneuse...

PPS : another Advent wreath I simply adore.


Thicket Dweller said...

I don't see any pixillation, but I do see a pretty darn cool advent wreath. I love the idea and hope you don't mind if I, borrow it.

Thanks for visiting, too.

on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

be my guest!