Sunday, 4 May 2008

Strawberries and Teapot

My oh my! Béa introduced me to this blog a couple of days ago. I wasn't quite sure to start with, the whole family thing put me off a little bit (sorry), but as I trust Béa's judgement I gave it a go anyway. Well, how amazing. Everything about this blog is lovely. I like it all. My favourite's got to be the Bell Jars. What is there not to like I ask you? Toadstools and fawns, all at once. Fab. The other thing I really like are the pictures and of course the use of colours. So cheers, Béa.

Mind you, I say 'Cheers' but I now do feel rather embarassed to show my crappy little things. Oh well, nevermind. The strawberries are another Béa inspired project (courtesy of Martha S.). They have a broach pin at the back but I'll probably use them on a bag and the little teapot thingy is just hanging from the kitchen door. I also made a bunch of oatmeal and raisins buiscuits. They look pretty ugly, so not worth a picture, but taste yummy!


on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

super cute!

Erna said...

cute strawberries and that teapot is just perfect! I'm sure it cheers up your kitchen!