Thursday, 8 May 2008

April 2008

(somewhere on skype, between Alsace and Texas)

-YEAAAAAAAHHHH we've got a winner....
-So do you mean we've got our first golden bike?
-mmm it looks like it.
-tadaaaa...what about Kiehl's and your creme with Silk and my Cryste Marine serum?
-still the best, but if we start awarding them, we'll have choose them every month hence a somewhat limited suspence...
-And Scarlet's Falling down? love her gorgeoux pix.
-she's get the next one.
-Didn't we say we'd give three each month? or one winner and two runners up?
-makes it less exclusive. hands down this time.
-yep. right. has to be the ONE thing we cannot live without anymore.
alright then. go ahead, Rere, make it official:
-So, ladies and gentlemen, it is our utmost privilege to announce that our very first Golden bike,
the April 2008 Golden Bike from onyourbikesunshine goes to:

-(all) Thompson Family!

(clap clap clap)

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