Thursday, 29 May 2008

gone fishing

Well not really, was simply gone for a looong Memorial weekend...
'Fished' that coral knob at Anthropologie (I told you I'm obsessed with shells, corn etc)

Still, you only go away for four days and when you come back, the news strike you.
I mean, has anyone followed the Eurovision Song contest?
If not, watch the winner here first.

If you want to know what Eurovision is and how absolutely vital it is to mankind, leave a comment, Rere or I will be glad to enlighten you in that field...
I'm thinking it'd be wiser for me not to start on this unless specifically asked to cos I could very well post hundred times -at least- just on Eurovision....Even, I might do a PHD on it.

More seriously.
Chock. Total chock, I know.
Why on earth has no one told me Richard Clayderman is now doing iceskating?????

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