Monday, 24 March 2008

Spring into Spring

Spring you said?
OK, then: yellow, chicks, daffodils, chocolate and spring clean!

The notebook is just one of these things you can't throw away and keep moving with yourself move after move... A notebook on which my piano teacher would write my homework only a couple of decades ago...The vintage Coke bottle was available in grocery stores here in the US last Xmas and is my actual dish liquid container. For some reason I hate those flashy jars and equally hate when you first need to open a door to grab the soap or dish liquid. So, I always choose the colour of the liquid and glass bottle so that they match my kitchen. Few years ago I even bought two different shades (one concentrated, one regular) to make the bottle look like a two layer cocktail in my trendy downtown stainless steel kitchen....
Lastly, my recent $1.99 find from my favorite Goodwill...the celadon vase, which by the way reminds me of westelm past collection, confirms you don't always have to go vintage when buying in thrift shops.The three little chocolate in the smaller nest are the only ones left after just one afternoon of intense chocolate tasting....

Am not so sure about the yellow peep but I tried to find something to complement the chrysanthemum (another recycled element....after rearranging a bouquet I was given not so long ago).

Hope you had a good Easter too!


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