Monday, 28 April 2008


Yes, can't wait to announce the winner!
To make the wait shorter, here are few pictures:

Right next to POP, comes....FORK.
(sounds like IKEA names...)

Now that the corks are finally on the wall, it was high time to hang these old forks...
a left over piece of wood, a simple coat of 'lei' one of my beloved Flexa paint, a little sanding, a little nailing....tadaa...

I saw this once as kitchen towels holder. If I knew how to knit or chochet I would probably do some of these, but since I haven't reached even the beginner level yet, I may for now use it as display or picture holder with some rope and vintage wood clothepins maybe.

unless Rere, you feel like unleashing your wild needles for me......(ok, you don't see it but I am soo smiling....)

Bis bald!

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