Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Hurray! Tonight is Koninginnenacht!
and tomorrow Queen's Day (
Party! Youpi!

Dress code is simple: whatever you fancy as long as it is orange.
The same goes for the house here: I've taken out of their boxes the Halloween orange paper doilies, cut fresh orange flowers, almost hung the garlands.

Of course we won't have the 25 wild tipsy dancers per pedal boat on the canal in front of the house but we'll at least enjoy the view of these littles umbrellas:

Talking about orange, there's no need to recommend Jessica's excellent blog that you probably know. If not, enjoy the visit.

Now back to the umbrellas.
Sometime ago, I saw a pastel version hung on wall but can't recall in which magazine is was...
Have tried on a first one (matching the colour of the living room) and was actually thinking about doing the same with the orange ones.

The orange comes out nice in the sun but once inside it turns in too a kitsch fluo orange that I'd like either to turn down or coordinate with something else. Any advice, feeback or help about the picture I saw would be absolutely welcomed. Am ready for any idea, even to turn them into a mobile or lamp shades.

Thanks in advance,

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