Friday, 22 August 2008

Things are looking up...

They've arrived! The autumn edition of Marie Claire Idées and 'mirabelles'... It must be the sign that my favourite season is on its way. All the magazines are showing the new trends (Tartan is back big time! Yeah!), days are slowly getting shorter and more importantly MIRABELLES are in the shops. They've got to be my favourite fruit. The best thing about them is that they are so versatile. They're ideal for jam, pies, preserved in syrup, in alcohol... you name it! I made an apple and mirabelle compote earlier. Nothing worth showing but very tasty. They are not easy to get hold of if you don't live in my part of the world but I remember buying Mirabelle jam from Waitrose when I lived in the UK. I will be making jam at some point this weekend. I'll share the experience if it's a succes, having said that, jam making is not my forte.
The (huge) raspberry macaron is from... IKEA! Now, it has been a while since I last went to Ikea but in England they used to sell hot dogs and ice-cream, not macarons. Ok, it obviously doesn't compare with a Laduré or Pierre Hermé macaron but it was a nice surprise.
Take care, enjoy what's left of the summer!


on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

yeaaahhh!!!!!got at last the fall issue of MCI!!!
pleasing for the eye, but to me somewhat too oriented towards acorns, woods and things you only have if you live in a forest or have the ability to go in the woods. too much gluing and no new techniques although I am THE gluegun addict.
and as appaling Sarah would say ; 'I wannay give a big Hi to all the acorns out there...'


april said...

I have no idea what a mirabelle is but they sound delish!