Sunday, 10 May 2009


Lush's got to be one of my favourite cosmetics brand. I discovered it in the UK years and years ago and was over the moon when they openend a shop in Strasbourg when I moved back home. 

It's been a while since I've been using these and thought I'd share them. 
The yellow soap-like bar is in fact a shampoo bar. It's called Godiva and will leave your hair and your bathroom smelling of jasmine. It's a conditioning shampoo but I do use a conditioner as well. 
Rafistoleur ('Retread' in the UK) is my favourite at the moment. It's a hair mask but I use it every day as a conditioner. Once a week I leave it on for a couple of hours to get the full benefit of the soy milk, melon, yogurt and avocado (sounds good enough to eat.)

I also like American Cream one of their conditioner which smells divine. In fact it smells so good that they made it into a sollid perfume. Yummy.

La 'Grande Mentheuse' (Mask of Magnaminty in the UK) is pretty good too. It's a face mask which kind of doubles up as an exfoliator. You apply it and before it's completely dried you rub it in to exfoliate the skin. 

I paid my fav shop a visit yesterday to refill on my fav products and to check out their new vanilla range. I was particularly interested in their new solid perfume 'Vanilla Fizz' and was quite disappointed when  I tried it on cos I could hardly smell it. However as the day went on I noticed that the perfume actually developped into a subtle fragrance, quite sweet and very summery. I didn't buy it yesterday but I am certainly going to. 

One last thing, their staff are always so friendly and helpful. They know their products really well and show extreme patience!

Check out their website.

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