Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Persistence of vision

Few weeks ago, I found myself in total awe with the colour palette for a Chloé clutch similar to this, minus the purple flap.
You know when colours stay in my mind floating around, bugging you.
I mean look at the combination of unbleached linen, bright pink, almost fuschia, lilac and acid yellow. make you wanna spend the rest of your life in summer clothes....hey, don't we have one day left before fall?....
And the contrast between the raw-natural fabric and the modern sequins.
By the way, if anybody knows of a good place to by nice trimmings
(I mean beyond the electric blue, Xmas red or nice but expected black sequins, but more subtle colours) we're looking forward to receiving any suggestions.

Anyway, later that day I bought this JCrew t-shirt...without purposely looking for the clutch colours...
and of course, few days later somebody had to linger in the FIMO aisle...
Now that lilac stubbornly refused to be photographed and kept turning either too blue or too pink (same story with the T-shirt).
So picture something exactly like the paint swatch/on the picture of the FIMO before varnish. svp :-)

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