Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How said spooky? I say classy first.

Whaou, am back after few days in the sun and can't realize Halloween is again around the corner.
So I browsed the (real) web this morning to find few ideas in order to catch up with the 'giantandneedlesstosaidtoooftentacky plastic spider webs around your house' fever.
Here are few ideas I have found thanks to the always original How about Orange (referring herself to Parents.com) :

and delicate pumkins sculpted with simply wood carving tools from Martha :

And because here at onyourbikesunshine, we think a little jewel is always welcome...
(Stellae Necklace from Anthro)

(Ruffled Feathers necklace, also from Anthro)

A sutble pumpkin ring (still available!!!) from Pink Saguaro on Etsy

and last but not least...
from my ultra fave Extazia

If these do not get you in the mood, I'll be happy to send you the 2 tons of real half chewed acorns that squirrels keep throwing on our deck daily....

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