Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Marinière reinterpreted

You know how Marinières are everywhere again since last summer. And preferably with a little sequins on any kind of adornment. Here is my (old) contribution to the movement :
a cardigan from Target (couple of seasons ago) and a silky cutout I had first stitched on a tank top...
Done soooooo long ago and not showed yet (shame on me)...as you can see, it is even ready to be fixed...yes, the inner fabric part shows now.
And a little ironing would be welcomed too... We'll say it is too match the rough style of the stiching....
And YES I like it like that. After all, we're from the 'Smells like teen spirit generation'. :-)
(the little hand stiched crosses are actually fuschia...)


Stéphanie said...

I adore ! (Tu parles français ?)

on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

et oui! on est deux frenchies de part et d'autres de l'Atlantique!