Saturday, 13 February 2010


It is written it in bold red underligned big caps in my agenda.

March 7 :
JPG at Target!!!!!!!!!!

If those three intials seems cryptic to you, go there.

Je suis verte!!
I want the Trench Coat. Now.
He did a collection for 'La Redoute' years ago and it was beautiful. In fact I got a 'marinière' at the time and I must have given it away to someone cos I can't find it anywhere. Why, oh why...

On this side of the pond we have this to look forward to

Rykiel for H&M, opens Feb 20th...

Not bad either!!!!!!!!!
My fave for both creaters have to be Sonia's short sleeve yellow cardi, or the dress in the middle (above picture) and JPG's white Tee with the eyes and sequins lips.
And the trench coat, you're right. But otherwise, Jean-Paul's collection is a bit too literally retro for me. I just don't want to dress like people from videos I watched when I was in middle school. Yes, I'm that old.
I mean, nothing against revivals, but I like to look ahead : now and onwards....

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Stéphanie said...

Rykiel ... Je ne pense qu'à ça cette semaine !!!