Monday, 8 March 2010

Jean-Paul, we need to talk.

Going to Target this morning with a much sceptikal mind about what to espect from JPG's collection (as previoulsy posted), I found myself falling in love with a unsual sarouelmeetsmariniene dress.
The colour was nice, even the attached scarf that loops from the decolte to the backbetween your legs (sounds wierd I know) and lifts slightly the middle to make it look like a sarouel intiguided me in a good way. It looks more like a tunic on me and worn on jeans...oh my, it is breathtaking..........but.
Alas, BUT.
The Dress is is polyester. And, there is only one single item in my wardrode made of polyester. a rare exception. I simply don't do polyester.
I wish it was cotton, but no, after staring for minutes at the tag, the words didn't change....
Sorry but that won't work for me Jean-Paul.
And neither will your funky nylon pink white black dress. Come ON!!!! Nylon?
To make it short : I wasn't planning on finding something for me. But am disappointed for a reason I didn't anticipate....the item I did like and would have looked terrific on me in terms of cut was such a technical miss.

Too bad!
Total nay!

No way Jose!
Jean-Paul, you've let the side down!!
Am not sure I am into this 'designer for high street brands' thing.

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Stéphanie said...

Excellent !!!