Sunday, 28 March 2010


zSHARE video -

Ok, for sure he was not the best designer of the lot. His dress was not the best but come on!!
On this particular challenge there were worse outfits.
Did they not see the horrible tippee dress???

Is it me or is Heidi's German accent becoming a lot stronger?

Exactly. And I'll add :
Since the beginning I have the impression Seth Aaron is the jurys favorite. Maybe his clothes show a certain mastering of tailoring in real but come on!!!!they look cheap. Not edgy, let alone stylish.

I always try to focus on the positive (except last time with Jean-Paul!!)and deliberately omit what is not worth it, but this time...Just give me 10 bucks I'll dress better at the Salvation Army than with SA's tacky poor colour schemed pieces. Not with a million dollars would I have my daughter -if I had one- wear his coat. that it looked like plastic.
As re. the accent, you're right Réré...naja....Ich bin sprachloss...