Thursday, 30 September 2010

hurray hurray!

'Tis (almost) the season to be jolly! Yes, am again/already in the Xmas decor mood.
Last year I missed these gorgeous bulbs from West Elm.
The full story is : a lady took all of them in the store while I was there wanting to buy just one ($9 per bulb being somewhat over my budget).
But no, she wouldn't even leave one for me, and bought the whole 29 they had. She came from overseas, blablabla.

Anyway, karma's a b---, girl. Have some broke on the plane on your way back? hmmm, too bad, cause I will be able to get mine this year. And even if you paid me, I wouldn't get you new ones. Help yourself, you're so good at it, dear.

Anyway, West Elm has them back!!! Yeahhhh!

Also from WE, this short vid. Simple and full of cute examples.
I like their papiermache covered topiary as well...

David Stark Holiday Collection from west elm on Vimeo.

A peine en avance, encore des décos de Noël!
West Elm réédite cette année les boules que j'ai failli avoir l'an dernier...
Et une ptite vidéo bourrée d'idées en prime!

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