Friday, 17 December 2010


Well, today decided be be that kind of day where the weather forces you to change all your plans : lunch and morning meeting cancelled, still wondering how to swim throught the snow that keep on piling since this morning...since cycling, driving or walking seems out question and trams are stopped and buses delayed...
But motivation is there. First non cancelled pm appointment is with our potential realtor and second a house visit!
Reminds me of flashfloods in Houston...or in general when Mother Nature has a saying on your day despite us living in the XXst century

Long story short, I am grounded and what a better way to make usage of indoor time (other than crafting and maybe cooking) than browsing through an online magazine?
Lonny, done. Rue as well.
So, Covet Garden it is! (Don't thank me, I am only forwarding the info I found on Sfgirlbybay!)

edit [ I originally wanted to show you the paper tassels I have just finished but forgot to mention I haven't figured out yet how to access my photolibrary...yes, it sounds stupid, an account/library/exterior drive/two different computers issue that I hope my IT dpt will solve over the weekend.]

(oh la la ces jours de neige où les rdvs du matin, les lunchs sont annulé pense opter pour la nage dans la neige cet aprem...rien ne m'arrêtera cela dit...c'est pour rencontrer notre (peut-être) futur agent immobilier et visiter une maison :-). J'espérais poster des photos des tasseaux en papier que je viens de terminer mais mon service IT n'a pas encore répondu à ma request : deux ordis, des comptes différents, des bibliothèques de photos séparées, des disques de sauvegarde bref le méga bazar aujourd'hui...un peu comme les transports dans ma ville enneigée en somme)

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