Friday, 3 June 2011

basket in your basket

Simple. uncluttered. pure. organic. sustainable. ethnic. Call it what you want.
One article, four places to get it from. just as examples. Three in Europe, one accross the Atlantic.

Waar, the fair trade shop in the NL. (€135.-)
Also: The Bijenkorf stores. (not the same one but similar items from the same collection available online)

The Conran Shop en France. (€160.-)
The Conran Shop in the UK. (£135 )
The ABC Carpet and Home in the US. ($225)

That's a fact. Not only is travelling costly in terms of CO2, it is simply costly.
Just like Componibilis are super expensive in the US and George Nelson lamps in Europe.
But if anything is to be available everywhere on this planet, why oh why can't I find Mayan Folding chairs (also called clam chair) in Europe? HELP!

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