Tuesday, 28 June 2011

knot and knit

My latest obsession = finger knitting.
Just in time to make summery bracelets.

Bumped a couple of weeks ago in a store into a Zpagetti ball.
And one thing leading to another I ended up at Vanessa's tutorial for finger jersey knitted bracelets. Watch her video at the bottom.
Reg found this tutorial on finger knitting and being the slow learner that I am, I had to get helped by this one in French.
The technique/result varies slightly provided you loop back above all your fingers or swirve back between fingers.

(four finger version)

Still have to try :

- head pieces with longer ties.
- mixing differents fabrics.
- not ending up not chocking my fingers with far too tight a noose :-)
- trying it with tricotin knitted wool/threads
- cutting fabric from an old t-shirt

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