Monday, 14 April 2008

I can feel a rant coming on!!

My oh my, how pleased was I with myself when I finished the Marie CLaire Idées inspired chandelier. In fact, I was so pleased that I decided to email my pictures to MCI's blog for them to put it in their creation gallery. I had noticed it had worked for Fred's pictures so I thought why not me. By the way, if you're reading this blog (likelihood of that happening: not a lot!), nice one Fred! Great combination of pattern on the cups and colours.

Anyway, so I send my pictures and wait until the end of the day to check if they've put them on, NOTHING. Ok! Nevermind, they're probably busy, they are probably receiving them by the bucket load. Checked again today and guess what, NOTHING STILL! It can't take that long to copy and paste a bloody photo! Deep breath, keep calm. So it occured to me there might only be a limited amount of pictures that they put in the gallery. I then checked the winter catalogue section and there are thousands of them.

So, if you work at MCI and you are reading this, let me tell you. I am not best pleased. I am not a happy bunny! Am I going to have to boycot MCI and buy 'Les idées de Marianne' instead? ... No only joking, I am not that upset.
Take Care
PS: Just for the fun of it, here is another picture of one of my little broach. Would this one have made it into MCI's blog?

OUI OUI OUI! I'm not even commenting this time.
I totally agree with R
éré. (she's not even aware I'm writing this and hopefully by now asleep).
Is it that tiring to send at least an e-mail to thank back for the pix?
And I think I am allowed to say that loud after buying every single issue of MCI since 98.


PS: if you girls from MCI read this but don't speak English, go get yourself a dictionnary. I'm french too. and not happy.

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