Wednesday, 9 April 2008

united colors

I know, rodeo time is just over. You'll tell me I may have been unconsciously looking for something western when I recently flipped through the pages of the latest ELLE US version and saw this Benetton ad:

Not very western I know. Goldrush meets Baroque rather. More like those menlike striped shirts you see everywhere in the US this spring except for...the ropes.
Now I'm obsessed with these fabric ropes/braids.
Last time, while searching at Goodwill for some cups -you know the story-, I found two shirts begging me to get them. One for me, one for crafting.
Once combined with two other fading fabrics I already had, voilà:

This is still at a very early stage: too short to be a belt, I haven't thought about how to turn it into some kind of necklace (that wouldn't look like I've left a rope hanging round my neck)
, key chain or even door knob embellishment.
But I got so thrilled with the result I couldn't wait!!!
The rest on the picture is just an attempt at making it look like a casual nature morte. Only the ones you see on other blogs like Yvonne's seem much better.
Well, 'la critique est aisée mais l'art est difficile'. I'm just a beginner blogger.
The scorepad is for bridge I think but I use it as a notepad. Isn't the colour too cute?

Am off to more braiding.

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on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

I am putting an order in!!!!!!!