Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Oh noooo!

Finished already?

So that you all know, I have owned two candlestick holders for I don't remember how many years. Found them for a ridiculous price at the market in The Hague. Have painted them white and later green. Have even made a brief attempt at ancient gold. Gave up and recently decided I might go for a super glossy black.
But all that was before MCIdées, and before Réré.
God, she is so persuasive and made me agree on giving my version of the chandelier+teacups too. This is one of the fellows I'll work with:

I don't mind the green but I think it may a little too bright next to delicate china.

Still, one small detail: however hard I've looked around here (the only option would have been to glue my greatgrandma's coffee set...), however hard I've scratched my brains (thinking I would try vases, even stock or tea tin cans), I am still missing the cups....
The only potential version I came across on the web was Maria Liliegren's lovely cups:

But this would take some time to realize logistically speaking.

Oh well, can't wait to see yours Reg!
I'm afraid, you won again.


1 comment:

on your bike sunshine said...

You can't give up this easily. You'll find the cups. Surely there must be a car boot sale somewhere in Texas!
PS: Your great grand-mother cups are lovely.