Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just can't get enough flowers

Yoohooo. two post a days, what a momentum!!!

(told you , we ARE back)
Spring has finally decided to land over Europe it seems...

And to celebrate that, here are my two favorite flower inspirations :

the first is my paperfabricflower/reliquaire/anthropologist/vacationmemorieskeeepingsomuchonedaymyhousewillbefull mentor, Lyndie Dourthe.

La Marelle is printing some of her creations (among whih this one)pictures on cards.

A bit like what Tamar Mogendorff is to stuffed animal and mushrooms, if you want.
And you should have seen my face, the day I saw for the first time in real a Tamar signed mushroom. a metaphysical/spiritual encounter almost...
Okay, too much exitement, back to the flowers. The second thing I fell in love this morning with is the peonies Martha's guest shows us how to make out of papier mache. stunning.

On that word, I wish a...stunning day ya'll.
A plus!

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