Thursday, 16 April 2009

Urban Decay - 1 / Mac - 0

So, here we go again. More mature.... (nice one Béa!)

For a first one back, I thought I'd share a tip.
If you, like me, suffer from the 'greasy eyelid-eyeshadow creasing' syndrom, I have THE solution for you. And it's called 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion' by Urban Decay. It's the best thing ever. Put it on, leave it to dry for a few seconds, apply your eyeshadow and Bob's your uncle. It will not move. Ok, in all fairness, if you're planning to go out after a hard day at work, you'll have to re-apply your make up but it will last for a good ten hours.
However do not even bother with the MAC equivalent: MAC Prep+Prime. Do not believe the Mac lady who assures you it works because it simply doesn't. I was fooled by the nasty lady and bought it. Tried it at home just to make sure, one hour later my make up was all messed up.
Urban Decay - 1 / Mac - 0

Also, I couldn't resist showing the little cupcake sugarpots I got from Geneviève Lethu.
They are a little bit pointless, too small for sugar cubes but sooo cute.

And to finish off, special dédicace to ELLE this week. Seeing Monica Belluci without make up made me feel good!

Good to be back.
Take care

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on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

so, I know you, Réré, to send me ten copies of that Elle issue to post on my bathroom walls.
Love Elle.
Nice work! Wlecome back!