Friday, 30 October 2009


Sooo many long months after buying these cuties on sale this summer at André, I finally got the right occasion to wear them last Monday, dressing them up with a long pale pink vest and black shorts.
Few days prior to the party, I had tried for the first time the Model Co self tanning glove.
After a scary carrot tint on the day following the application, I got a lovely sunkiss effect on my legs right on time for the 'upscale casual' event.

The pix are rather dull I'm afraid, I didn't change the camera lens (dont ask me why; too lazy, on a hurry, all semi false excuses Béa, don't try to fool your karma) and the light is terrible this week. ....and I have to think of the best setting to take proper objects/clothes pictures. This post should help.

Moral of the story: always try. and sometimes re-try.
Okay, I'll get your better pictures.....

[edit: don't know what happended with the small px allignment...have to look into that...]
[edit BIS: if anybody btw knows how to keep the picture quality when posting, please leave us an email or comment. thx!]

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on your bike sunshine: Béa & Réré said...

Lovely shoes, j'ai toujours pas mis les miennes!!