Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fall Golden Bike 2009

Not long ago, we told you how our beloved Golden Bike star had chosen to take a longer bike ride (okay, I thought I lost it for a while).
Now that it is back, let's announce our Fall 2009 Golden Bike :

The winner is :
The Lancôme Vibrating mascara primer....
Have to admit I was the one to choose it. And to tell you the whole story, Réré offered it to me for my bday few weeks ago, among other übercute goodies that I'm still working on but hope to show you soon.

Back to the eyelashes primer.
If you're on the blond side like me, I mean light complexion, light hair and, say 'discret' eyelashes, you will LOVE it. At first I wondered how it could be better than my regular primer. Even I was skeptical about the thick amount it leaves on my lashes. But after two weeks, I am totally in awe with the volume and the nice curbed hold it gives to my still surprised 12 poor lashes. No clogs, just a natural enhancement of what I am...(sigh) You know that first day of a new you feeling.
Can life be any better?
Well deserve Lancôme.
Thanks a million, Réré
Again, dear reader -you're welcome!

[edit : apply your regular mascara immediately after the primer. do not let it dry]

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