Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Bibs and Bows

After seeing Europe being now invaded by the feathers head embellishments (fews months after the US), I have the feeling it won't be long before european blogs get overwhelmed with bib necklaces.
(vey classical quiet example by GB Couture by Emily & Ashley)

So, here is a Martha tutorial to make one. Browse etsy to find tons of yoyo, silk flowers, zippers etc.

And to complement this very romantic, 'pastel girls love satin and silk' look, you have to work the bow : on a clutch, a brooch, as a belt, on top of your shoulder.
Personally I can't resist
that fellow from DavieandChiyo :

Here again, Martha comes to the rescue with a little bow lexicon.

Can't decide? tulle and crystal or silk flowers? Layered loop or winged knot? I'll just say remember a week has seven different days!

The necklace is to die for. I've been meaning to have a go at a bib necklace for a while. Watch this space. There might be one on its way...
And the colour scheme... brilliant!!

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